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If the wilderness was like this with RuneScape gold
If the wilderness was like this with RuneScape gold some tiny cities inside with a few bank safe zones scattered throughout the levels but far enough away from bosses and mini games in order that they keep their ethics, yet close to pvp hot spots to substitute state edgeville bank at a pvp planet (bcuz of discussion of pvp world removal). If some of these cities were in the wilderness creating higher reward high risk RuneScape skilling content would be simpler. Basically the wilderness needs to be more like the rest of runescape, yet it would be the"pvp world" but in every world. Kind of a fast thought did not think too hard about more details, curious to see what people think.

As we all know, Jagex has been trying to make modifications to free-to-play recently. In the typical free-to-play planet, there are generally 200-300 individuals, of which half or so are bots. You don't see others too often unless you're in Varrock or Lumbridge, and you can not even be sure a person you see is actually a man; these in themselves are issues that push players apart from each other, and Jagex is mindful of them, and they are trying to mend them.

The botting problem is one that's been hashed and rehashed time and time again, but that I don't think it's even the real difficulty in free-to-play. No, I believe the basic issue is that to get a huge multiplayer online game, a genre that thrives when it concentrates on community and immersion, RuneScape is remarkably isolating. There isn't 1 point in RuneScape's (free-to-play's) progression where players are even incentivized to interact with one another. The tools which RuneScape designers relied upon in its infancy have been rendered completely obsolete by new resources players have available to them. Confused on where to buy old school rs gold proceed next in a quest? Look this up to get a thorough guide. Then visit the Grand Exchange, purchase it from some faceless seller.

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