BMT tools 6.0.0


twrp mode

bmt root safe root android 6.X.X
bmt unlock user screen code android 6.X.X(for normal and new scurity encrypt data partition without write custom kernell world first)
bmt sideload unlock user and safe root android 6.X.X

samsung tools

direct unlock exynos phone with Shannon modem same a800i ,a800f, G935F , G930 , N920F ,j710 and more exynos5 platrform 2016

unlock and active sim and fix invalid sim all sprint phone n920p-n910p-g925p-g920p-g900p and more sprint phone fix after update phone show invalid sim

Huawei tools

active full factory diag hisi balong with list add:ale-l21(p8 lite)

unlock and relock bootloader hisi balong with list add

ale-l21(p8 lite)

change vendor country code need diag active

Intel tools:
asus flasher(raw file in fastboot mode)

Fixed some bugs