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Samsung TOOL

frp and samsung accunt rest and bypass with one click WITH NEW METHOD in download mode new and old security 2017-2016 support without any server or any bug 100% test 82 model

LG tools

frp rest android 6 and 7 same v10 , v20 , g5
unlock user and screen code android 6 (without adb mode)


spd model start by bmt

Spreadtrum BMT FLASHER ADD SUPPORT ALL NAND AND EMMC BASE (5735C,6531,6815A , 6680,7703,7715A,7730A,7730G,7731G,8730S,8830A,8830 G,9620M,9830A,9836A,9820A,7720A,8820A)

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first and big update in new year 2017 by B.M.T Team

samsung tools

frp and samsung accunt rest and bypass with one click in download mode new and old security 2017-2016 support without any server or any bug 100% test 209 model

twrp mode

enable all language without root and fix ussd connect in tgy phone

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BMT tools 6.0.0


twrp mode

bmt root safe root android 6.X.X
bmt unlock user screen code android 6.X.X(for normal and new scurity encrypt data partition without write custom kernell world first)
bmt sideload unlock user and safe root android 6.X.X

samsung tools

direct unlock exynos phone with Shannon modem same a800i ,a800f, G935F , G930 , N920F ,j710 and more exynos5 platrform 2016

unlock and active sim and fix invalid sim all sprint phone n920p-n910p-g925p-g920p-g900p and more sprint phone fix after update phone show invalid sim

Huawei tools

active full factory diag hisi balong with list add:ale-l21(p8 lite)

unlock and relock bootloader hisi balong with list add

ale-l21(p8 lite)

change vendor country code need diag active

Intel tools:
asus fl...

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BMT tools 5.0.0

samsung tools

bmt core cooker
this method with bmt patch add farsi arabi and turki add translate stable to all samsung phone no need custom rom !!!

same :n920t android 6 farsi arabi turki add -n920p-a7000 -g6000 and more samsung phone not have fa-ar-tu in core and base
world first

unlock online service
crom one click(custom rom)
unlock frp with adb mode need eng boot
unlock frp with adb mode show setting for bypass one click
many bugs fix

new bmt downloader in shell tools

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BMT tools 4.0.0

Htc tools

javcard and xtc2 emulator
make s-off
make s-on
change imei new htc generation 2014-2015-2016(s-off need)
change imei spd phone same desire 700(s-off need)
change cid make super cid new htc generation 2014-2015-2016(s-off need)
frp unlock (s-off need)
erase nfc config
change imei old htc generation (desire hd-pico -vivo-desire v ,x,..)(s-off need)
change cid make super cid (desire hd-pico -vivo-desire v ,x,..)(s-off need)
make s-on old htc generation
misc tools
read full info
read cid
read mid emmc
check emmc health
get unlock token

htc flasher
flash official htc zip rom
write recovery.img (need unlock bootloader)
write boot.img (need unlock bootloader)
write unlock token bin for unlock bootloader

Huawei tools

add g615-u10 full service support:
activ factory diag...

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bmt root method
easy root in 30s
support (hisi balon-qualcomm-mtk-sdp& Some CPUs)

test:htc desire 816x-huwei g630-chm-u10 -samsung g900(5.0.2) g530 … other model and brand test and report

samsung tools

unlock frp call emthod , 1 click

Intel tools

active factory diag(asus-acer-lenovo…)
repair imei and security all intel smart phone device

unlock sim and network
all intel smart phone device

lg tools

active diag(root need)
repair imei all lg qualcomm
frp rest
unlock user and screen code (without adb mode)

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Huawei tools

read full info(imei+build no+sn+model) all Huawei phone in fastboot mode(qualcomm and hisilicon)

repair imei qualcom phone with 3 method:

method 1:generic repair imei all huawei qc need diag active
method 2:new security repair imei all huawei qc need diag active
method 3: hexagon huawei phone repair imei same y610,y560-l02,l01,… no need diag active

active factory diag phone 100% stable and stand alone without any authorization service same dc unlocker just only root need!! with support model list worldfirst


Allwinner tools

fix and improv repair imei a23,a33,a31

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UNLOCK AND READ pattern(root need)
google acount (root need)
install languege enable
install and active google keyborad stable(root need)
enable qualcomm diag(root need)
wipe data (root need)
wifi and google market fixer(root need)
virus cleaner fast method (root need)
virus cleaner slow BMT method full scan system, data,sdcard,cache,extsd (root need)
display viewer
touch control for broken lcd and toch
more option add…

samsung tools
unlock and bypass lock screen with old method mtp mod and read info and factory rest and reboot download mode no need usb debug
enable diag
BMT method enable all language(root need )
BMT super method with self csc mode world first
unlock and by pass all user code pattern and pass code and finger print with BMT csc mod
frp same ...

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